Sustainable Solutions for Success is dedicated to making your production projects succeed. We are specialized in production projects set in the China - Vietnam region, but can also intervene in the whole APAC.

We will guarantee that the products meet your expectations in terms of quality, stay within your budget and are delivered in a timely fashion. Another reason to call us is to bring back into control a project that didn't go as planned (euphemism for : a project going straight to hell!).

As professionals, we are convinced that Corporate Social and Environmental Responsibility must be the most important principle guiding business. Of course, not all businesses are in a position to play by the strictest rules. On the other hand, we certainly agree that many big names craftily produce CSR literature while finding ways to avoid responsibility.

Let us sum up our stance on the subject in this one statement: Work With Your Environment, Not Against It!

We will try our best to discuss and find the best way to work in a sustainable way, according to existing rules governing your sector, and... Common sense. This responsible attitude will benefit everyone in the short and long term.

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