Innovative Projects. Product Development

You have been producing goods in China for some time, and comes a moment where you need to develop innovative products with your local partner.

From a strategical point of view, this is where questions pertaining to intellectual property, certifications, product development project management, need to be asked.

How to secure my product development process?

There is no miracle solution, but some good practices must be followed if you want to avoid falling into the most common pitfalls:

1-Work with people you trust, AND have them sign NDAs

2-Make sure you understand exactly who in the organization will have knowledge of which information. Make sure employees also have signed NDAs

3-Try not to send complete engineering drawing all in one go! It is preferable to discuss face to face with engineers, with blueprints printed on paper

Some companies, like innoPD, will develop in house your products for you. However, that approach isn't very scalable to SMB's developing a lot of products with their partners as an integrated daily process.

Why? Because developing prototypes with your partner who will eventually be involved in mass production is preferable. It will be key to developing the best product for mass production, according to your partner's capabilities. You don't want to validate prototypes with clients without taking that into account.

Then, how to develop products with your local suppliers without having your own structure in China and Vietnam? How to make sure communication with designers, product managers and factories is smooth and secure?

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